Cancel Monthly care rental subscription

  • To cancel the monthly care rental subscription, enter the order number above. Please refer to the order confirmation email to get the order number.
  • We only cover the shipping cost from the same address as the order was shipped to. If you want to return it from another address you will have to cover the shipping cost. Please contact in this case.
By cancelling your subscription you agree to the following terms:
  • Return the Flow headset within 2 weeks from when you receive the email with the return waybill.
  • If the Flow headset is not returned in due time, the subscription will be reactivated, or you will be invoiced for the headset. If you have rented a headset for 6 months or more, you will charged 199 GBP. Before Month 6, you will be charged 399 GBP.
  • The headset will be disabled and remain disabled until the invoice is paid.